Our Clients Come With Many Levels of Experience

Our clients are individuals within businesses.

They come with all levels of managerial experience and academic training.

Many have superior technical skills that allowed them to get ahead as plumbers, doctors, accountants and engineers.


They find themselves planning strategy!

A whole new ball of wax their training may have not prepared them for.

That is what Profit Savvy does!

Our mission is to deliver timely and effective solutions to YOU, personally, to fill any experience gaps you may have.

If you are a business owner-operator, you will get ahead faster.

If you are a public service or not-for-profit manager it will help you execute well and thereby put you in line for further promotions.

Same goal - getting ahead.

Same delivery system; Profit Savvy


What Colour is your Business Judo Belt?

Because clients like you come with a huge range of academic and experiential skills

And because we want no one left behind,

We have taken a leaf out of the martial arts and grade our materials by belt colour.

Yellow Belt is Introductory Level material, easily understood and used by everyone.

Blue Belt is more advanced material.  It will need more thought and not every business will need it.  

Certainly many small enterprises won't need Blue Belt materials or can use them selectively.

Black Belt is advanced material and used by advanced players.

But, the message is clear.

No matter what your skill level

Profit Savvy will help you improve your strategic planning and execution skills.

That's what we do!

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