Separate the important Business Strategy "Wheat"
from the packaging "Straw"

Books and articles are an invaluable source of business strategy wisdom.  But they have many shortcomings:

  • There is comparatively little "wheat" and a lot of packaging "Straw" you have to wade through to find the wheat.  Very time consuming.
  • They tell you they are the "best" so they often don't incorporate the best practice from other, often competing, sources.
  • The message is not always clear that you get from a book. There is going to be a lot of time wasted running down a path that's the wrong one.
  • It takes a lot of money to assemble a large professional library.  It keeps on costing to update it!
  • Once you read the book, you tend to put it down and forget it.  Or, worse case, you have to skim read it again to see if it is relevant.

Why not outsource all this wasted effort and expense to Profit Savvy?

Our KnowledgeBase is a highly searchable, highly structured, repository of the best  nuggets of business wisdom drawn from hundreds of books.

These gems are waiting in our KnowledgeBase for you to use.

It takes only a minute or two to find the best advice from the collected wisdom of the best business minds.

The KnowledgeBase is available as a monthly subscription, you can cancel any time.

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