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Stress is All Around Us

There is no doubt that many Owner/Operators work under considerable stress.  Sometimes this stress is constructive because we are excited and challenged by growing the business and/or making it more profitable.

But all too often, it comes about because events just overtake us and we find ourselves fighting off one alligator just to get attacked by another.  This stress is not healthy or helpful.  It leads to all sorts of physical upsets and is also often damaging to your relationships.

Business doesn't have to be this stressful

Profit Savvy has a number written articles and videos on how to reduce the level of the 4 most common sources of stress you face;

  1. Taking control of events rather than events controlling us.
  2. Getting one’s life back by controlling time so that there is enough time to do what is important.
  3. Reduce the constant worry about making money and having sufficient money to pay the bills when they fall due.
  4. People problems; converting people from being a necessary evil to being a principle factor in the success of your business.

Any of these sound familiar?

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Our approach is tuned for yellow belt (introductory) readers to read early on in their time with Profit Savvy.

Think of bad stress is a bit like an Emergency Care Unit at a hospital.  The patient is admitted bleeding, traumatised and quite disorientated.  The hospital immediately, as its first step, stabilises the condition of the patient.  They know full well beginning to fix broken bones is of no importance if the patient bleeds out in the meantime.

We argue it is the same with De-Stressing

The first step is to remove the four principle traumas that are causing the stress and then we can begin to rebuild your health on far more productive lines.

Dig deeper into what Profit Savvy has to offer at this link

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