It is a sad fact that many enterprises, both large and small, for and not-for profit, hit tough times and often don't survive

If you are experiencing tough times, this Campaign is designed to help by:

 (1) Rapidly stabilising your business to reduce further damage and then

(2) Turning around your business that is experiencing a tough patch.  

It is designed to carry out within a 30 day period of intense activity so that your whole team can stay focused. This can vary at your discretion.
It should be used in conjunction with your professional advisers who are more familiar with the particulars of your business.

The Campaign Comprises:

  1. A TrendBoard and ChangeBoard analysis as a diagnostic: this is undertaken to see if it is worth progressing further with the Turnround30 Campaign
    It includes a 1 hour meeting for preparation time and a 1 hour Person-to-Person time.
    If it is not worth progressing, your fees will be refunded - excluding the $980 fee for the TrendBoard.
  2. A self-paced Progress Planning Tool and Campaign materials outlining potential recovery options.
  3. Two x 1 hour additional person-to-person sessions: mid-term and at the end of the Campaign.
    Additional person-to-person sessions can be purchased for $300 per hour or part thereof.
  4. Free Help Desk assistance of a general nature.

The fee for the Turnaround30 Campaign containing:
TrendBoard & ChangeBoard; 1 hour preparation time & 1 hour Person-to-Person time; self-paced Progress Planning Tools and Campaign materials; 2 additional Person-to-Person sessions
is a mere $1,980, payable in advance.
Partial refund if it is not worth progressing after the TrendBoard and ChangeBoard analysis.

Like to read more about the course first? 

Go to the introductory article for a Quick Troubled Business Diagnosis: Introduction to Turnaround30

 Our advice is general in nature because we don't know the specifics of your business.  For specific advice, always consult a professional