How do you teach a consumer to choose YOUR product or service over those of your competitors?

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If the objective of your business is to sell more products/services, then marketing is what helps you achieve that goal:

  • Marketing Channels:
    Zero in on the traffic strategy that makes most sense for you.
    Direct potential customers ("Leads") into the top of your sales funnel.
  • Increase Leads:
    • TOC Retail:
      TOC is short for Theory of Constraints.
      Learn how to exploit the constraint in your marketing and sales systems.
    • Powerful Marketing with Google Adwords:
      Google Adwords offer you a marketing medium and a test laboratory.
      Get started on your first campaign now.
    • 5 Whys Problem Solving Technique:
      Do you have a problem but can't see an immediate solution?
      This is a brainstorming tool that drives you to the reasons behind something happening.
  • Digital:
    • Adwords:
    • Search Engine Marketing Channel:
      Your website can act as a passive marketing tool.
      Links to SEO resources.
    • Website Design:
      Are you developing or updating your business website?
      This article highlights what to take into consideration.
      Design, Designer, SEO, Copy, Google Analytics.
    • Website Tuneup:
      Is your website looking a little tired?
      Has your product emphasis changed?
      Do you have a clear purpose in mind?
    • Website Metrics:
      What gets measured is what gets done!
  • Optimize Pricing

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