A research project demonstrated that 89% of improvement in a manufacturing business came from the application of TOC.

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This is true of many types of business, not just manufacturers of products.

Following are a number of articles covering various aspects of this important topic:

  • When a Bottleneck is Good - Theory of Constraints (TOC):
    Things that prevent more throughput in your production system (bottlenecks) are called "constraints".
    Read this article to gain an understanding of the concept. 
    Then read it again and again until the remarkable simplicity and impact of the TOC concept is burnt into your mind.

  • TOC Drum, Buffer, Rope Optimisation Techniques:
    This is a three part process for tuning the stages upstream from the constraint.
    You do not want to produce an excess of product at these upstream stations and have work-in-progress pile up in front of the constraint.
  • TOC to Optimise Your Sales Funnel:
    TOC is an optimising technique - it shows you the first place to look at in your Sales Funnel.
    Optimise your Sales Funnel for maximum increase in sales and ultimately profit.

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