Profit Growth Levers

There are three major "Profit Levers" you and pull to grow your business; Sales & Marketing, Production and Distribution.  There are several "Support" functions that help with this but don't generate income themselves; e.g. HR, Planning and Performance Tracking.  Profit Savvy distills business wisdom from many sources. It's presented here in an easily digestible format.  Our goal is to enable any business to grow as quickly as possible.


Profit comes from Revenue.  Revenue comes from Sales.  Increasing sales means working on your type of customers, pricing and value and the sales process or the elements in your sales funnel.   

One of the three essential income generating aspects of your business is your supply chain or distribution system.  It starts with raw materials leading into production.  Then there is the warehousing of part and fully completed products and finally their distribution to the point of sale and, eventually, the customer.  Along with this is the collection of payment for the products you have sold.  We cover these functions in our Supply Chain Profit Lever.

Money is the lifeblood of business.   This collection of articles discusses practical, profit improving, technicuies like cost management and cash flow.

Any profitable and growing business needs a range of support services that don't earn income themselves but provide support to those parts of the business that do generate income.  Examples include HR, Planning and Performance Monitoring