Making a profit is pretty much a universal goal of business owners and managers.

It's not an easy job.

There is an enormous amount of business knowledge and wisdom available to managers.

But there is far too much for a time poor business person to read and digest and turn into profit creation.  Therefore, so much that could boost our business's profit gets left undone.

The Profit Savvy (PS) will deliver distilled business wisdom to you in 'bite-sized, easily digested chunks' to speed your learning curve on how to grow your profit as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Our Mission; Your Profits

PS distills the great mass of business wisdom into 'bite sized' morsels that are quickly digested and implemented by owner-operators and by departmental managers running their own business unit in a larger business.

We then group these into Pathways to Profit so that you can follow clear road maps to boost your profit as quickly as possible; and as easily as possible.

You are probably familiar with the matrix:

I know what I know I know what I don't know
I don't know what I know I don't know what I don't know


Profit Savvy has three main goals.

First,  when you "know what you don't know" about increasing your profit it will help you drill down to the answers to your questions via our KnowledgeBase.

Second, when you "don't know what you don't know" about growing your profit, we present you with a clear road-map or Menu of things you can do to make your business operate more effectively.

Third, we know that there is plenty of business wisdom available but it is no good at all if you don't implement whatever wisdom you feel is relevant.  So our mission goes beyond just showing you what can be done to increase profits.  We want to help you actually increase your profits! 

How is Profit Creation Knowledge Classified?

Profit Savvy is a buffet of distilled business wisdom presented in a manner that allows managers to quickly review what they do and don't know about increasing profits and to then 'drill down' to solutions to growing profits.

The solutions presented are ever evolving distillations of the huge range of business advice confronting, and often overwhelming, managers.

We don't sell any particular "quick fix" solutions to boost your profits.  Rather, we aim to give you a road map to profits, along with supporting detailed materials, so you can pick and choose what works for you when growing your business's profits. 

We use several terms to describe how we classify information in Profit Savvy to help you make more sense of the mass of information available.

  • Belts:  using a martial arts analogy, our material ranks from Yellow Belt for introductory material through Blue Belt to Black Belt for advanced materials. 
  • Industries: are the various types of industry, for example services, manufacturing, professions and not for profits.
  • Tools: are the basic components of knowledge used widely throughout the Articles.  A very profound example is the Amazing 80:20 Rule that can improve your operation up to 16 times! 
  • Articles: in turn, are a distillation of the wisdom on a particular topic that can be applied to improve your business.  Examples include website design, inventory management and the sales funnel.
  • Menus: are collections of articles arranged into groups.  They give a subset of the available articles that might be useful in a particular activity like Optimise100 Course!

How We Guide You to Profit

Most business wisdom starts in a book.  The problem with books is that they are linear; you have to start at the front and read all the way through to get the information.

They often contain stuff that you already know or that you don't want to know and there is often no easy way to find just the bits you want.

Only a comparatively small part of any book holds the essential wisdom the book provides.  The "wheat" if you like. The rest is "straw" necessary to pad it out to book length and to give more detailed explanations.

The main problem with this approach is that the time-poor manager firstly doesn't know what book will solve their problem and secondly doesn't really have the time to wade through it.

We help with that.

First, we have read the books and have extracted their core wisdom into the Profit Savvy syllabus so that you can save all that time and go straight to the possible solution for increasing your profit.

When you need more information, we provide references to books, videos and web assets to provide a deeper immersion in the item that has caught your attention.

Second, we are not linear. You don't have to read all the Profit Savvy materials to get an understanding.  All of our material is 'hot linked' so you can jump around wherever your line of inquiry takes you.  Once you know something about a particular topic, you are not forced to keep re-reading it as you are in a book.  You can just jump to the next thing that catches your fancy.

Because of this, there is no real starting point at the Profit Savvy; and certainly no end.

Every deep dive into our collected business wisdom begins at the "KnowledgeBase" menu button.  Search for a particular topic or click on any item that takes your fancy and we will direct you down the best path.

Normally you will start in a Menu that shows how you can address a particular problem you face.  All the relevant Articles and Tools will be presented in the Menus in a suggested order of priority.

Our design is very light weight for rapid download and ease of reading on all devices.  We hope its usefulness will be its most elegant feature.

You Govern Our Direction

There is an endless supply of possible information that might be useful to you when setting out to grow Profit.

But, the 80/20 Rule (see The Amazing 80/20 Rule Tool) tells us that most of you won't find any pressing need for the majority (80%) of it.

So, we have chosen to take our lead on what should be developed from you.

Profit Savvy operates on a customer-driven, demand-pull strategy.  Any manager knows it is futile to push stuff at customers hoping they will use it.  Much better to produce what the customer will consume.  We "don't know what we don't know" about what you will find useful so, throughout the Profit Savvy materials, you are very strongly encouraged to provide feedback on:

  • What you would like more of and less of (thumbs up/thumbs down responses).
  • How easy the material is to understand and apply (stars).
  • Other wisdom that has worked for you and might therefore work for others.

Don't hold back on this feedback.  It is vital to propel Profit Savvy down the most user-friendly path.  

If you would like to contribute written material, please see the "Contributing to Profit Savvy" link.


Full access to the Profit Savvy KnowledgeBase requires registration and a login.  

We will not sell or further distribute any information you provide.

What Does It Cost?

The full guide to Profit Savvy Pricing is on the Pricing page. 


Profit Savvy was founded by Scott Williams, after an epiphany at 2 am 18 September 2016, about how a long held ambition to help other managers access valuable business ideas on how to improve Profits might be structured, using the food-equivalents of menus and recipes.

I have a working lifetime starting and managing successful small businesses and a life long passion for distilling wisdom from business books for application in my own businesses.

I have long provided scholarships to university students - some 90 to date.  This was on the basis that "you give a person a fish, you feed them for a day.  Give them an education and you feed them for life".

Profit Savvy is an attempt to carry that same philosophy over to people who have now left formal education behind them but realise that, as managers and often small business owners, they can still benefit from learning more about the subtleties of making a Profit.

I hope you find it useful.

Best wishes

Scott Williams AM

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